Saturday, July 28, 2018

E-modul Training at SMA N 1 Palembang 2018

One weeks ago, I had opportunity to delivered training about how to create e-modul at SMA N 1 palembang. Almost all teacher joined this training, they tried to make ebook called e-modul for each subject they teached. I had challenge to deliver this course easily because the last training most of teacher didn't understand to create e-modul rightly.

About one week before the day, I prepared all off material including software, video and ebook for this training and from all of material subject the challenge one was how to create evaluation page because actually it's need knowledge about Web Code that are HTML, CSS even Javascript but I couldn't teach to teacher about it because they would be confused, so I decided to make video tutorial with easy step, I prepared all the code that needed and teach them how to follow the step but unfortunately it was not easy because although just little but it was still edited by Web Code.

On the day, I came early with my friend who one of teacher at SMA N 1 Palembang his name is ruffer, he came to my house and take me to school. when I arrived no ones there because we came too early so I need to wait until all audiences came to the room training.

There were two sections in this training, first section was about library that presented by mr. majelis who the lecturer of unsri, mr. majelis told us about digital library from around the world and share about free content for children. mr majelis was very excited when he delivered lecture but unfortunately it taken my portion time so I started lecture lately.

at 10.30 a clock that should be started 9.30, I started my lecture about e-modul and most of teacher excited about this lecture,  I demonstrated step by step slowly and easily but unfortunately most of teacher couldn't follow the instruction. because of that I couldn't deliver all my lecture and time was running out, so I decided to stop at around 15.30. for next time I will try making my lecture more easily and simple, from this situation I learned a lot to make it better.

ok this is my story, may be sounded bored for you but thank you for reading, stay tune for the next trip :D. bye bye

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