Sunday, February 18, 2018

How To Earn Money From Android

Hello my friends today I would like to share my experiences about how to earn money from android, the first thing to do is drill your self with programming skill specially in android application development.

I. Why we should choose android?
Ok, based on newspaper there are around 81% smartphone users are using android, it's means that there are 8 people from 10 are using android, so we have huge market here. So do you know how many android device right now? since 2016 there are more than 1 billion devices around the world, based on that I suggest you to focus in android application development than other platform.

2. How to study?
android application development is using java and kotlin as their programming language, as beginner it's better for you to start java programming language and after you feel confident with that, you can continue study about android programming. for you Indonesian I suggest you to access because in this website not only give you study materials but also give you challenge that you can handle and if you are success you will get reward so it will make your study more fun.

3. Android Pay API
I'm sure most of you have already try using android game, and almost all game always offer you to buy some items so you can get good experience on that game, how it can be? google have Android pay API that allow developer to accept payment from their user, all of payment will be shared by google around 70% (CMIIW). So if you have game or application and want to sell premium features you can use this API.

4. Admob
at least there are 4 types of ad that are provided by admob that is

  1. Insterstitial ads, is a kind of ad that cover all space of screen, that used to show after splash screen.
  2. Banner ads, is a kind of ad that cover small space of screen.
  3. Native ads, is a kind of ad that show as a part of our apps UI. almost no different between ad and contents.
  4. Rewards Ads, is a kind of ad that give user reward for watching some videos.
5. Marketing Tips
I suggest you to use google adword to market your apps, with google adword you will get more download. You can use social media to market your apps.

ok thank you very much.

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