Sunday, April 1, 2018

Android Development Training 2018

Global Edu Infotama is one of training provider that based in jakarta, Indonesia, this company suddenly called me for help to provide lecture about android development application, it was a pleasure for me but I have bit worried as has been a long time not provide lecture about it.

On the next day, I have another worried as almost all of my friend who their place I used to stay not available again to stay. Fortunately I found new friend, his name is joy and we graduate from same school, yeah of  course his younger than me :D, his stay at marina apartment ancol, that place is very nice view with swimming pool on the ground floor but because I didn't bring short pant so I wasn't used it.

On the first day, I made a mistake as I came late to training spot, the head of global edu seem like disappointed with me, but Actually I have prepared but because of traffic I could't make it. When I arrived I still need to wait for another member :D. after all of the member have arrived, I had a big problem that was all of computer's member couldn't run the code of program, there were many things need to be downloaded in order to run the code. after more 2 hours later all of computer ready to be used and you know one of the cause because the computer wasn't connected to internet :D. So on the first day we were spend almost all day just for waiting.

On the second day, I was slept at hotel near training spot, it was not my plan actually as the night before I spent all night hanging around jakarta just to find food place and talked some stories :D.  In the morning I was breakfast and start ordered a car using grab app and arrived at 8 AM early morning even the administration staff had not came yet. Unfortunately the head of global edu didn't realized I had came around and messaged me to being quickly, I told her I had already in and she was surprise because his staff told her different and finally she was sorry about that :D. after finish training I had good feedback from members, the felt like I had much experiences making android app, yeah I proud of that :D. ok guys, this is my story may be bored but I just want to share and practise my english, hope you enjoy it. see you in my next story bye bye.

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