Sunday, March 18, 2018

Olympic Science 2018

left to right: arib-ilham-andika-angga

Three weeks ago, I was asked from my ex-school to support olimpic science program as a trainer, it was bit surprise for me because it have been a long time since I've joined olimpic science but it was a challenge for me and decided to accept it. I want to share my experience join olimpic science, it's about 16 years ago when I was in first grade student on that moment I was not elected as member that represent school to join math olimpic I disappointed with that but my heart say "this is a delay success". on the second year teacher decided me to join math olimpic I didn't known why I've been chosen may be they thought I was 'grazy' man and when I started exam I felt unconfident because nothing I could do and I din't understand how to answer and believe it or not I was slept may be around 30 minutes :D after I wake, suddenly I could answer almost all question but in doubt. when deciding day came, I was surprise because fortunately almost all my answer was correct and I was in third place. I hope my story can inspire you guys.

 Ok let's back again to my story, First day I started my job, it was out from my expectation there wasn't any room for us I mean room that have chairs and tables with white board and projector, we just sit on the floor with circle table :D, no much I could do when that moment so I decided to practice them with pascal program. amazing they have good brain and can understand fast. second day we have better room but now it's the biggest room in school, yes it's an auditorium may be they thought I need more space to teach :D.  I was success pass that day with answering all pre test question. and for the next day we just focus answering question with discuss together all possible answer and it was very excited. the last two days I test them with simulation, I collected old question to be answer by them and the result it was quite good to pass real test, I hope they can success with the real test even 3 of them or more may be eliminated because palembang only choose 3 candidates.

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